How to Avoid an Identity Crisis by Clarifying Your Own Mission, Vision and Values

Last week one of the students in my Accelerate Your Vision Academy asked this question and I thought the answer might be helpful for you, too.

This student wanted to know how to clarify your own Mission and Vision when the organization you work with already has those things in place.

The problem if you don’t separate your own Vision, Mission and Values from that of the organization you work with is that it’s easy to let your identity get all wrapped up in your role, and that can end badly.

Oftentimes people who are dedicated to their role start to feel burned out when they’re working tirelessly for a Mission, Vision and set of Values they believe in, but that are ultimately someone else’s, not their own. And we all know people who have had to change roles within an organization or leave an organization all together. 

Whether it was their choice or not, those changes often lead to an identity crisis.  When they can no longer look to the Vision, Mission and Values associated with their previous role they often feel like they lose their way. They feel unanchored and like what inspired them before has vanished.

But if you DO clarify your own Mission, Vision and Values, then you become the keeper of your own internal compass.  There’s a tremendous amount of personal power and confidence that comes from clarifying your own Mission, your own Core Values and your own Vision that are connected deeply and directly to your identity, not just a role.

So instead of fearing what will drive you beyond your work, you get to seek out the things, in all aspects of your life, that align with your personal Mission, Core Values and Vision and get you where you want to go.

So, how do you clarify your own Mission, Vision and Core Values? 

Key #1 Think Universally

Since your own personal Mission, Vision and Values form your own internal compass, they should help you navigate every area of your life, not just work.  So when you’re clarifying them, make sure that they apply to all facets for your world – personal, professional, financial, spiritual (if that resonates with you) and relational.

Key #2 Go From the Inside Out

This is all about putting aside what your organization says is important, what society says is important and what the people in your life say is important, peel back the layers and let your own ideas about what’s important, and what drives you, come up to the surface.  What comes to the surface may surprise you, so have the courage to be really honest with yourself throughout the process.

Key #3 Make This Important AND Urgent

Most leaders understand all of this and how important it is, but will never get around to actually clarifying their personal Mission, Vision and Values, especially if the organization they work with already has them in place at the company level.  It will always be that thing that they’ll do ‘soon’ which is really code for never.  But if you want to avoid an identity crisis and gain an internal compass to help you navigate decisions in all facets of your life, then you’ve got to draw your line in the sand and commit to gaining this clarity now instead of never.

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