The Power of Alignment

Okay, so I want you to imagine a guy who looks like Tarzan.  Big, tall, long hair, you get the picture.  Now imagine me balancing him on my feet.

Sounds ridiculous, right?  (If we haven’t met in person yet, I’m 4’ 11″)  

It’s not! 

The whole balancing-people-on-other-people thing is what’s called Acroyoga, and it’s in my Vision as my absolute favorite way to break a sweat.  It’s so freeing, so playful and So. Much. Fun!

One of the coolest parts about Acro (if you wanna get down with the lingo), is that the strength you need to do it doesn’t come from power, but alignment.

Last week my boyfriend and I had a couple friends over for an Acrojam (if you really wanna get down with the lingo).  

The guy, who is a marathon runner, Appalachian Trail hiker and cycling fanatic, tried to balance the girl on his feet, but it was NOT happening.  He kept trying to lift her up with brute force, straining and struggling, and nervous-laughing all the way.  

Then I taught him what I had been taught.  

Instead of trying to muscle through, you stack your bones, stay attuned to resistance, communicate and recalibrate as needed until you and your partner are creating two unbroken lines.

Now I’m not gonna tell you that after hearing this he magically became an Acro pro, but I could see the gears turning, and when he tried the next time, the girl didn’t fall off for at least 3 full seconds, and I’m calling that a win.

The strength of your Vision also comes from alignment over power. Part of that is getting really honest with yourself about where you’re feeling in and out of alignment with how you’re living your life right now.  Another part is being strategic in the way you share your Vision, so rather than forcing it onto people you’re aligning them around it.  

Force creates resistance, alignment creates acceptance.

So if you’ve been trying to muscle through uncertainty without an honest look inward, or if you’ve been sharing your Vision at people instead of with people, just hit reply.  

I’d love to hear – how could shifting your focus from power to alignment change the dynamic?  

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