True North Moves East

Ahoy from Virginia!

So what led me 2,683 miles across the country, from San Diego to Norfolk?  You’re gonna laugh.  Because of course, it was my Vision.  

One day before the lockdown started in San Diego, I met the man I wrote about in my first Vision (penned when I was 25).  We’ve been together ever since, and when we found out his work was bringing him to Norfolk, VA, we knew we would be coming here together.  

After the many relationships my Vision helped me end (thank you non-negotiables!), I am so ridiculously grateful this one has led me to my partner, and to this new part of the country.

Did I get sad about leaving my bestie and my cousins in SD? Absolutely. 

Did I get totally stressed about renting a place sight unseen? For sure. 

Did I get overwhelmed with purging and just resort to packing boxes full of bags which were still full of stuff I hadn’t sorted?  Oh yes. (Note – one of those bags is sitting next to me now, still unsorted.)

But part of my Vision reads “the sound of my suitcase hitting the ground on my way out the door lights me up…” and my gypsy soul was excited to set out on a new adventure.  Plus, I *love* road trips and all the many snacks they entail.

But when we got our place (the one we rented sight unseen), it was not what we were expecting.  But more on that, and how I had to lean on my Vision to get over it in my next post…

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