1-Hour Sessions

A crystal-clear Vision helps you filter out distractions from opportunities and this seminar will show you how. 

In this powerful session, you’ll discover:

  • What Vision is and how to use it to crystallize your own definition of success
  • The Top 5 Roadblocks that hold you back from clarity about your future
  • Key differences between Vision, Mission, and Strategic Planning
  • How traditional problem-solving keeps you stuck in reactive mode
  • Why Visioning helps you take intentional actions toward creating the future you want
  • How to assess your personal resistance and tip the scale in favor of change
  • The power of identifying your Non-Negotiables to clarify your Vision

The more clarity you have about your future, the better decisions you can make today. Join us for this interactive session to explore how Visioning can help you make intentional choices that create real change in your life and business!




I talk to a lot of people who have been thinking about executing on their goals for a long time, but they’ve wasted too much time with brainstorms about the future that lead to endless rabbit holes. They fail to make the progress they want with their big ideas because they lack structure and accountability…and then, they never actually start doing anything.

I’ve also met a lot of people who are frustrated with feeling uncertain about what’s a priority and what can wait. They realize that they’re completely spinning their wheels and not getting anywhere. So, they put their goals and dreams on the back-burner…indefinitely.

If you can relate to any of these challenges, then my Clarify Your Vision One-Day Jumpstart Workshop is for you.

The Clarify Your Vision One-Day Jumpstart Workshop helps you to:

  • Uncover your personal patterns and their impact
  • Gauge alignment with your core values and purpose
  • Distill the non-negotiables for your future
  • Crystallize your own definition of success
  • Clarify your Vision and write it out in a way that feels true to you

The Clarify Your Vision One-Day Jumpstart Workshop includes:

  • Deep-Dive Exploration of Visioning to help you break through the Top 5 Issues that hold you back from clarity
  • Powerful Exercises to decipher the root causes of what’s working and what’s not in your business and life
  • Step-by-Step Process to articulate your Top 5 personal core values and gauge alignment with those values
  • Identifying Your Driving Purpose to make intentional choices that create real change in your life
  • Roadmap to clarify your Non-Negotiables and understand what you need to let go of
  • Lifetime membership to Lois’ private FB Group with live weekly Q&A sessions for personalized guidance
  • Weekly Accountability Check-Ins with Lois and other Visionaries around the world

Join a small cohort of fellow business leaders and changemakers, and let your transformation begin!


Gain clarity on your Vision and the roadmap to get there through self-paced online programs. Sustainable growth is rooted in clear Vision, strategic sales, and a culture of alignment.  My online courses address each of these areas through self-paced programs.



My Clarify Your Vision online course focuses on discovery and alignment.

Get rid of the noise and get crystal-clear on where you’re headed. In this level, you’ll go far beyond surface-level goals by peeling back the layers and connecting the dots around what has led you to where you are. Then it’s time to take stock of where you are now. From there, you’ll clarify your personal set of Core Values and your Core Mission, gauge your current alignment with them, and then determine the non-negotiables for your long-term Vision. By the end of this level, you’ll have the first draft of your 5-year Vision in hand.



My Refine Your Vision online course focuses on specificity and structure.

In this level, you will go from first draft to complete, finalized Vision. You’ll start by prepping your mindset for an intensive process of diving even more deeply into each facet of your Vision – Personal, Professional, Financial, Spiritual and Relational growth. You’ll learn the 10 techniques I’ve utilized with Visionaries around the world to refine their Vision effectively and how to apply each one. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a comprehensive, fleshed out document. If you work with others or have a team, you can utilize this fully articulated Vision to help them see the future as clearly as you do and engage them in making it happen.



My Align Your Vision online course focuses on action and accountability.

In this level, you’ll create the roadmap to get where you want to go. You’ll work backwards from your fully fleshed-out Vision (completed in Level 2) and determine how to start making it happen. This process starts with plotting out the milestones in your Vision to determine your short and long-term priorities. From there, I’ll show you how to hone in on year 1 and identify the driving forces that will ensure everything else falls into place. You’ll break that down even further into benchmarks, weekly questions, and celebrations to complete your 90-Day Roadmap. And instead of coming away with an old-school list of to-do’s, I’ll take you through a mind-mapping process to ensure your next steps of action have you doing the right work at the right time. I’ll also walk you through how to recalibrate your roadmap on a weekly and monthly basis and do a full reset every 90 days.


My Accelerate Your Vision online program combines all 3 Visioning levels – Clarify Your Vision, Refine Your Vision, and Align Your Vision – with a proven process to guide you every step of the way.

The word I hear most often from Visionaries that go through this process is clarity. With your Vision in place, you’ll have an invaluable filter between what’s an opportunity and what’s a distraction, so you can make better decisions, faster.  With your Vision and roadmap in place, you may be surprised with how quickly things will start accelerating from there.



For over six years, I’ve worked with co-founders, small businesses, and global organizations to help them clarify, refine and align their Vision. If your company is at a crossroads, going through growing pains or on the cusp of rapid growth, I’d love to talk.  If my consultation services are a fit I’ll design a full process customized to your needs, budget, and timeline.



Clarify, refine and align your Vision either in-person or live online with me as your personal guide. If you’re looking for completely personalized guidance through each level of the Visioning process, let’s connect. I work with a small number of people one-on-one each year, both in-person and via live video calls, so just get in touch if you’re ready to dive in.