Your Vision Can Shift Your Mindset Around Weaknesses

So often leaders feel like they have to be strong and capable of so many things, so I wanted to break that mold today and share with you one of my biggest weaknesses.


Now in my current 5 year Vision, for June 1st 2022, there’s a line in there that says I’m really damn proud of the way I manage my money, but for SO long my reality has been the opposite.

I don’t know if you remember the show Duck Tales and the character Scrooge McDuck who was always swimming in his pile of money, but when I was growing up, that was one of my nicknames.  I raked it in at my lemonade stands and then sewed bespoke tube tops for my teenage friends.

But then in college I heard the phrase “it’s just money” and I took that to heart in a way that didn’t serve me well at all.  Instead of internalizing the message that there’s more to life than money, I started spending it willy nilly.  And when I started my business, all I cared about was doing what I feel like I’m on this planet to do, and I wasn’t keeping an eye on my books.

Then, I got way in over my head, making huge investments in marketing that never went anywhere, and one day I looked at where things stood.  I realized I was even farther away from my Vision than I thought. 

My Vision talks about seeking out mentorship and other tools to gain more financial literacy, and I recently picked up a book called Profit First.  It actually has some great insights about the link between Vision and finances which I’ll share more about another time, but following the principles has helped me gain a new level of visibility and understanding of my financial picture.

So even though I still have a gap to close between where I am and where I want to be with my finances, I don’t have to wait to feel proud like it says in my Vision.  Will I be bursting with pride when I get everything where I want it financially and can translate that into generosity? Absolutely!  But I can start feeling proud NOW because I am proactively managing my money more than ever.

So this is just a reminder that if you’re really far away from something in your Vision, you don’t have to wait to get all the way there to start feeling better.  Acknowledge the incremental progress you’re making and those small wins will help bring in the big ones.

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